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Varoufakis Yanis

Another Now: Dispatches from an Alternative Present (PB) - C-format

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The Bodley Head Ltd
What would a fair and equal society look like? The world-renowned economist and bestselling author Yanis Varoufakis presents his radical and subversive answer. Imagine it is now 2025 and that years earlier, in the wake of the world financial crisis of 2008, a new post-Capitalist society had been born. What would a new, fair and equal society look like? In Another now, Varoufakis’ most ambitious book so far, he sets out to answer this question. What mechanisms and structures would we need in place to achieve a truly democratic society? How would we share and protect the world’s resources? How would we produce and distribute the goods we need? How would we care for the young and elderly? What would companies look like? The law? Government? The arts? Imagine that we discovered that back in 2008, in an alternative version of our world, the financial crisis led not to the flimsy patch-up job that actually took place, but to a total collapse of our economic system and caused a radical uprising that spread throughout the globe and led to a thorough overhaul of capitalism. In a thought-experiment of startling originality, world-famous economist Yanis Varoufakis offers a glimpse of this alternative reality. Through the eyes of three characters we see the genesis of a world without commercial banks or stock markets, where companies are owned equally by all staff, basic income is guaranteed, global imbalances and climate change cancel each other out, and housing is socialised. Is a liberal socialism feasible? Can prosperity grow without costing the Earth? Are we able to build the good society, despite our flaws? As radical in its form as in its vision, Another Now blends Platonic dialogue with speculative fiction to show that there is an alternative to capitalism, while also confronting us with the greatest question: how far are we willing to go to bring it about?