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Basque Country of Spain and France: 52 long and short walks and 8 car tours (4th ed. Jan. 23)

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Sunflower Books
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The Sunflower Basque Country guide is indispensable for hiking in Basque Country or seeing Basque Country by car. This is the first guidebook to bring together hikes and tours in the Basque Country, which runs east from Bilbao in Spain to Biarritz in France and takes in famous places like Pamplona and stages on the Camino de Santiago. The entire Basque coast is mostly very rugged, with many thriving fishing towns and villages, plus the added attraction of splendid beaches. Inland the countryside is more mountainous, with lush green countryside. Don't miss the award-winning Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Pilgrims' Route to Santiago, the San Fermines fiestas at Iruna-Pamplona, or stunning coastal resorts like Donostia-San Sebastian and Biarritz. But most of all, explore the remote picture-postcard villages and lush mountainous countryside straddling both sides of the Pyrenees - preferably on foot. Whatever your age or ability we've got some glorious walks and car tours to ensure you have a memorable holiday in Basque Country. Inside the Sunflower Basque Country guide book you'll find: - 52 long and short walks for all ages and abilities - each walk is graded so you can easily match your ability to the level of walk - Topographical walking maps - give you a clear sense of the surrounding terrain - Free downloadable gps tracks - for the techies - Satnav guidance to walk starts for motorists - 8 car tours and fold-out touring map - for easy reference on your tour - Strolls to idyllic picnic spots - enjoy our recommendations for where to picnic along the way - Timetables for public transport - ideal if you want to link two walks or avoid hiring a car on your holiday - Online update service for the latest information Whether you tour the region by car or explore on foot, we look forward to showing you around.